American Public Opposes Federal Aid as a State and Local Budget Fix

On September 10, 2013

As budget woes continue to plague states and municipalities across the country, there is at least one proposed solution a large majority of Americans do not want to pursue. According to a recent poll by Pew Research and National Journal, only 26 percent of respondents indicated that they want the federal government to intervene to […]

Could reductions in federal funding help state and local governments?

On August 29, 2013

By Carl Graham Originally posted by the Sutherland Institute on August 27, 2013 Last week I ran across a Salt Lake Tribune story telling how some local governments and water districts are feeling the pinch as their state funding, which is dependent on federal funding, begins to dry up. State and local dependence on federal dollars is nothing […]

Financial Ready Utah: A model for other states

On April 17, 2013

For the last few decades, federal dollars increasingly propped up state budgets.  That raises two major questions: how long will the funding last? Are states prepared for the inevitable cuts in federal funding? States rely on the federal government for between a quarter and half of their funding. Mississippi relies on the federal government for […]

Federal aid to state budgets continues to rise…But is the end near?

On April 5, 2013

As the U.S. debt clock nears $16.5 trillion, shortfalls and deficits are the talk of the 2013 fiscal year. Not only does the deficit affect the federal government, but it affects state governments as well. It is well understood that the federal government must make spending cuts-these cuts will most likely drastically change the amount […]

How Medicaid Infringes on State Sovereignty

On April 5, 2013

Passage of healthcare reform in Washington sparked concern in some state capitals that Medicaid costs will quickly escalate, exacerbating the already unprecedented levels of deficits among state budgets.  The Medicaid Program was established in 1965 as part of the Social Security Act and provides medical benefits to groups of low-income people. Medicaid is managed by […]

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