What ‘Land Grab’? Transferred Lands Will Stay Public

On March 11, 2016

By Matthew Anderson, Senior Policy Fellow Oil and gas wells dotting every inch of our national parks. Cattle running rampant, tearing up scenic landscapes, and leaving no forage for wildlife. Your family’s favorite summer camping spot being sold off to the highest bidder. This is the picture that extremist environmental groups have painted of the […]

Innovation Competitions: A Look at Secondary Costs

On February 16, 2016

By Catherine Konieczny | Federalism In Action A new $40 million Smart City Challenge has been announced by the Department of Transportation (DOT) to fund proposals that promise more efficient and environmentally-friendly infrastructure ideas. Looking into the details, the funding favors plans that “reduce congestion, keep travelers safe, protect the environment, respond to climate change, connect underserved […]

Top 3 Local: Who Should Control the West?

On October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween! Before you head out for a night full of festivities, be sure to check out this week’s installment of Federalism in Action’s Top 3 Local blog series. If this is your first time visiting, here’s how it works: every Friday we collect the top 3 stories that exemplify local people making local decisions […]

EPA Clean Power Plan Under Fire

On August 28, 2014

In June, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a new rule that would limit carbon emissions from power plants. This will have serious ramifications for energy-producing states, particularly those that generate electricity from coal power plants. Even more troublesome, the rule would restrict local decision-making and control of state energy production. A number of states […]

North Dakota State Representative Speaks Out on Local Control

On May 14, 2014

At Federalism in Action, we work to highlight state lawmakers who are fighting to make sure their states can make local decisions and retain local control. Here’s a recent example from North Dakota State Representative, Kim Koppelman, who wrote an op-ed describing a jurisdiction issue facing neighboring states North Dakota and Minnesota. Read the full article below […]

“Common Core disregards creativity of federalism”

On May 7, 2014

States rushed to pass the Common Core Standards before fully understanding what the standards would mean. As more states, communities, and parents have learned what Common Core entails, their concerns about the standard are growing. Specifically, these groups fear the loss of local control in education with the expansion of nationalized standards and federal involvement. Now, many […]

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