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Understanding the Issues of Federalism

MOEFederalism In Action’s primary areas of focus:

Fiscal Federalism
Dispelling the myth of “free” federal money. Financial Ready helps prepare state and local governments for any disruption in federal funds that support state and local programs by quantifying all of the funding that flows in the state. Armed with this vital information, states can better manage or, ideally, eliminate these federal funds to wean themselves from federal dependency.

tetonsFree The Lands
America today faces significant economic challenges. The transfer of public lands from the hands of the federal government to the states is the only solution big enough to tackle these challenges head-on. As such, the “Free the Lands” project and coalition will shepherd the transfer to the states from the federal government.

Keep Gov Local
“Keep it Local” is more than a bumper sticker or a grocery bag motto. It’s a principle FIA FB Logothat speaks to the heart of America. So what about our government? Federalism is about the balance of power among all levels of government, with an emphasis on decision-making at the most local level possible. The American public elect individuals who best understand the needs of their states and communities and the local approaches required to solve problems. Keep Gov Local is about bringing the focus of government back to state and local levels – closer to the people. Decisions are made best closest to home. Our vision is local people making local decisions and solving problems locally.

constitution-featureTenth Amendment
The Tenth Amendment is the Constitution’s clearest endorsement of federalism: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the People.”

Additional areas of interest include:


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