WHO WE ARE Federalism In Action (FIA), a 501c(3), is an energetic and results-oriented public policy organization – promoting American federalism, liberty, and fresh ideas aimed at limiting government. We seek to restore the proper balance between the federal government and the states – focusing on ways states can truly act as independent sovereigns and come up with local solutions. WHAT WE DO We equip local lawmakers and empower citizens to engage the imbalance of power imposed from Washington, DC. by providing the intellectual ammunition to inform and inspire coalitions of policymakers, citizen activists, and scholars who are acting to keep government local. Through our various projects and initiatives, we provide research, solutions and messages that arm policy leaders to win tangible victories for citizen rule, solving problems by restoring local control and checking the harmful centralization of government power in Washington. WHY IT MATTERS Decisions are made best closest to home. Our vision is local people making local decisions and solving problems locally. --- CONTACT US: By mail - Federalism In Action 1739 Maybank Hwy, Suite T-346 Charleston, South Carolina 29412 By email - For general inquiries, please contact For media related inquiries, please contact

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