By Jonathan Sorg, Federalism Fellow  | Federalism In Action

Today is officially the last day of my fellowship with Federalism In Action (FIA), and I leave grateful for the opportunity and the knowledge acquired. FIA provided a hands on experience and immersion into an ascending issue of our day, state versus federal power.

At Federalism In Action, I became more familiar with the philosophical underpinnings of American government, especially its fundamental strength in devolving power. I also came to better understand the severity of federal control of lands west of the Mississippi and how it is detrimental to all Americans, regardless of their geographic USNavylocation. Frankly, the subject matter and studies at Federalism In Action gave me great pause and skepticism about our viability as a free and prosperous society. However, this was short lived as I came to know countless people of extraordinary knowledge, goodwill, gumption, and courage.

Tomorrow, I leave for the United States Navy to in some small way protect against foreign foes. Federalism In Action and its allies face the more formidable, our domestic compatriots who see the world differently and advocate the usual social system. That is central planning and subservience of the citizen relative to the national state. FIA represents the best of civil society, a privately funded and administered organization, that tries to bring information and rationale to a country whose politics are too often emotional and hollow. FIA serves the superior of liberty and represents an instrumental force to reigning in our federal government. It is an eternal battle and a hard one but Thomas Paine reminds us, “The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly.”

One day our forefathers will need not spin anymore and it will be because of organizations like Federalism In Action.

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About the author: Jonathan Sorg is a millennial and recent graduate of Indiana University with a degree in Political Science. During his time at Indiana, he participated on the Debates and Lectures committee while also serving in the YAL campus chapter. Following graduation Jonathan worked in the financial services industry before joining Federalism In Action. In his free time, Jonathan enjoys the outdoors, physical activity, occasional idleness and reading books of historical non-fiction, economics, or political thrillers.

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