What is Federalism In Action?

On February 2, 2016


Federalism In Action
Relentlessly Dedicated to Solving the System Problem

“Every system is perfectly designed to achieve the results that it gets.” – W. Edwards Deming

The American Founders designed a system to achieve the results of peace and prosperity through securing the inalienable rights of Americans to life, liberty, property and self-determination. Mindful of the timeless tendency of man and government to amass unbridled power, they engineered an unprecedented system that divided power between two distinct governments – state and national – to “control each other” through a healthy tension that serves “as a double security to the rights of the people.”

They called this distinctively American system a “compound republic,” or federalism.

Justice Kennedy describes our federalism system as “the unique contribution of the Framers to political science and political theory … that freedom was enhanced by the creation of two governments, not one.”

However, as prominent Founder John Dickinson warned “…it will be their own faults, if the several states suffer the federal sovereignty to interfere in the things of their respective jurisdictions.”

We now have no one to blame but ourselves for a “fundamentally transformed” system where federal officials blaspheme the name “supremacy” to enslave present and future generations with debt, federal regulations, federal criminalization, and centralized rule over virtually every aspect of American life.

Like a bicycle with one bloated and one flat tire, it will not be a new rider, or a slight deviation to the right or to the left, that will achieve our desired destination. We do not have a personality or a policy problem – We Have A System Problem! Only through a relentless dedication to solving our system problem will we achieve the exceptionally American results of peace and prosperity.

Thomas Jefferson signaled the simple solution, “to preserve the line drawn by the federal constitution between the general and particular governments … it is important to strengthen the state governments: and … it must be done by the states themselves, erecting such barriers at the constitutional line as cannot be surmounted either by themselves or by the general government. The only barrier in their power, is a wise government. A weak one will lose ground in every contest.”  (Thomas Jefferson Letter to Archibald Stuart, December 23, 1791)



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