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Federalism Fellow: Jonathan Sorg 

Meet Jonathan Sorg of Fishers, Indiana. Jonathan joins the FIA team as one of our new Federalism Fellows for the 2016 winter semester.

In his own words… 

I am a recent graduate from Indiana University and have a background in the financial services industry. However, the U.S. Constitution, politics, and policy have always been a passion of mine which led me my fellowship with Federalism In Action (FIA). 

I am excited to join the Federalism In Action team because of their mission and dedication to the most consequential issues of our age. My state and all others are becoming entirely subservient to the federal government. For that reason, I am honored and energized for the opportunity to work with FIA and devote my energies to their efforts to promote American federalism, liberty, and limited government.

Federalism In Action is multi-pronged in their approach, but there are a few areas that are of superior importance to me.  Specifically, I wish to make the Tenth amendment as prominent as the first and second but more closely adhered to and respected. Central planners and the federal government cannot be trusted to administer our lives and our property. FIA provides the opportunity to influence and dramatically revolutionize the current imbalance of federal and state power. 

Secondly, I believe Common Core must be stopped and local control of education reinstalled. America is adrift in a tide of Progressive fervor and we cannot survive a national curriculum honed and administered by federal bureaucrats in far off Washington, DC. True to its cause, FIA has been vocally opposed to No Child Left Behind and Common Core.

FIA is a preserver of our Constitution with a rare fidelity to its principles and intentions.  The quality of my life and the generally superior condition of American society owes a great debt to our founding fathers and their system of governance.  During my time at FIA, I hope to become a reliable and informed defender of freedom grounded by the severity of our cause and uplifted by the possibilities of an enlightened American people.

Our 40th president believed the future belonged to the brave, not the faint of heart. Federalism In Action is at the forefront of this courageous fight to repel government overreach and reinvigorate the American way of limited government and robust individual liberty.

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