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Federalism Fellow: Catherine Konieczny

Catherine Konieczny

Catherine Konieczny

Meet Catherine Konieczny of Charlotte, North Carolina. Catherine is one of our Federalism Fellows for the 2016 winter semester. She is currently pursuing a degree in economics with a minor in political science. Prior to joining the FIA team as an intern in 2015, Catherine interned for the John Locke Foundation in North Carolina.

At Federalism In Action, Catherine’s primary focus is Financial Ready and federal aid to the states, highlighting the hidden impacts and costs of “free” federal money and federal intervention into state duties.

Catherine in her own words…

Now a graduating senior in economics from North Carolina State University, I came to Raleigh from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Growing up in the biggest city in North Carolina, I became familiar with government projects at an early age. After I moved to Raleigh for school, I saw firsthand how quickly big projects pass through the legislature.

Fortunately, my love for economics started early in life. This meant I was able to critique the processes as they unfolded before me and question their efficiency. Now that I have the opportunity to work as a fiscal policy fellow, I hope to formalize that analysis as I consider issues outside of North Carolina, in other states to explore how their legislatures work with local governments, and what impacts federal policies have on those relationships.

With FIA, I am most looking forward to working on projects that propose solutions for legislatures that see problems in their relationships with other levels of government and want to embrace true American federalism.

In college, my focus has been learning methods of quantitative analysis and applying them to international markets. Specifically looking at barriers to entry and market distortions. Outside of my studies and work, I love to explore the outdoors. I enjoy rock climbing in the beautiful North Carolina mountains and hiking in the gorgeous foothills. When that gets boring, I drag as many friends as I can swing dancing to take advantage of one of the biggest dancing communities on the east coast.


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