Top 3 Local: After Paris

On November 20, 2015

Welcome to this week’s edition of Top 3 Local. In this blog series, we aim to highlight news and views from around the fifty states — with the understanding that a top-down, one-size-fits-all mindset is not well-suited for a richly diverse, expansive nation like ours.

FOR MOTIVATION: Governors Resist Obama’s Syrian RefugeesFrance Map - Public Domain
A week after the devastating attacks on Paris, our thoughts and prayers remain with the victims and their families — and we stand with the French as they now fight back. It is more clear than ever that, in this age of terror, we need to carefully screen new arrivals to our shores — particularly those who come from hotbeds of anti-Western extremism. And yet, the Obama Administration is determined to go “full steam ahead” with its agenda to resettle Syrian refugees. Our nation’s governors, however, seem to have a little fight left in them. As of this moment, 31 governors — including one Democrat — have officially voiced their opposition to the administration’s plans. Today 27 of those governors sent a joint letter to the White House, stressing that, although we are a tolerant, welcoming people, right now our national security must come first. The governors want the refugee program halted entirely, until “an exhaustive review of all security measures has been completed and the necessary changes have been implemented.”

FOR INSPIRATION: Don’t Mess With Texas
Here at Federalism In Action, we’ve long advocated for state and local stewardship of lands that are now federally controlled. In one part of Texas, however, it’s moving in the opposite direction, as the feds now want control of land that has been owned by citizens for generations. Thankfully, our friends at the Texas Public Policy Institute are fighting back; click here to learn more.

FOR FUN: American Heritage Festival
The 13th Annual American Heritage Festival is now under way in Queen Creek, Arizona — featuring “battle reenactments, displays of daily life and a historical fashion show.”

As organizer Colonel Scott told the Arizona Republic, “If we see history as a living and ongoing thing, from one generation to another, then there are so many ways that we can connect dots; we can see cause and effect; we can learn from the past.”

The festival runs November 19-21. For more information, visit

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