Welcome to another installment of our Top 3 Local series. Here we strive to highlight three stories featuring “local people, making local decisions.” You might call it “federalism in action.”

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FOR MOTIVATION: American Character Independence Day
On this day we celebrate the founding of our nation. In The Federalist, the Heritage Foundation’s David Azzerad writes that, 238 years later, the spirit of ‘76, though battered and bruised, lives on. He reminds us that “America not a country for servile men and women. We not only have a right to be free, but a duty to be free.”

FOR INSPIRATION: Patriotic Quotes
The Daily Signal has published a nifty list of quotes on the meaning of “being American.” Here’s one from wrestler-turned-governor Jesse Ventura: “There is much more to being a patriot and a citizen than reciting the pledge or raising a flag.”

FOR FUN: Parades and Fireworks Around the Country
Though invented by the Chinese, nothing seems more traditionally American than fireworks. As it does every Fourth of July, the night sky will light up over San Francisco, New York City, and the smallest of towns across the fruited plain. However you celebrate, be safe and have fun.

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