After a two-week hiatus, our Top 3 Local series has returned. For those who are new to our site, here’s what that means: we strive to find three news items each week featuring “local people, making local decisions.” You might call it “federalism in action.”

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FOR MOTIVATION: Fighting Medicaid Expansion
Some activists are now pushing hard to expand Medicaid in the Tar Heel State. Federalism in Action has released a particularly timely study, finding that Medicaid expansion would come at a hefty price to North Carolinians.

The move would add $1.9 billion to state Medicaid spending annually, crowding out private sector investment. This would likely mean a $1,683 personal income reduction per North Carolina household, or 120,395 jobs lost.

“Policymakers should fully consider the real cost of Medicaid expansion, in both dollar and human terms,” said J. Scott Moody, who authored the study. “Lower incomes and fewer jobs will only hurt North Carolinians who are struggling to earn a living.”

FOR INSPIRATION: Boycotting Common Core
The nation’s backlash against Common Core rages on. In New York, parents met with state officials last week, urging passage of the Common Core Parental Refusal Act (CCPRA). Now those parents are fanning out across the state, with refusal letter templates in hand. They hope more parents will exercise their right to opt-out of Common Core testing, even if the CCPRA fails to pass.

“We do not refuse these tests for our children because they are too hard or because we are against testing,” concerned parent Tricia Farmer told Albany’s Times-Union.  “We refuse these tests because they are flawed and based on a set of flawed Common Core standards which were forced on our schools.”

FOR FUN: Spring Training and Minor-League Baseball Minor League Baseball
After a particularly cold and snowy winter, spring is finally here (although it still very much feels like winter in some parts of the country). Spring training for Major League Baseball has already begun; devoted fans have migrated south to watch their favorite teams get ready for the regular season.

The Federalist’s D.C. McAllister lauds spring training’s “intimate, family-friendly atmosphere,” similar to the feel of Minor League Baseball. “But not everyone can travel to spring training, and it lasts only a month,” McAllister notes. “Minor League Baseball is here all season, and it’s right in your hometown.”

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