Top 3 Local: Paczki Day Edition

On February 13, 2015

It’s almost the weekend, and it’s time for the latest installment of Federalism in Action’s weekly blog series, Top 3 Local. If you’re new to our site, here’s what it’s all about: each week, we collect three of the nation’s top stories featuring local people, making local decisions. You might call it “federalism in action.”

Read on for this week’s Top 3 Local stories. And if you have a story we should feature in next week’s post, send the good news to

FOR MOTIVATION: Ohio’s Costly Medicaid Expansion
It is now painfully clear that, spin aside, there really was no “conservative” way to expand Medicaid under the ACA – not even with federal “innovation waivers.” Ohio provides the latest case in point. Since Ohio’s expansion was rolled out in January 2014, total enrollment swelled to 485,462 by year’s end – 33 percent higher than state officials had predicted.

In 2014, Ohio’s Medicaid expansion cost federal taxpayers $2.1 billion, out of a $2.56 billion grant that was supposed to last through June 2015. With Ohio Medicaid now costing $300,000 a month, it appears the money will soon run out. Ohio Watchdog’s Jason Hart has all the numbers here. Let’s hope other states will learn from Ohio’s costly mistake.

FOR INSPIRATION: Federalism Works!
In the Huffington Post, Kevin Price eloquently makes the case for a restoration of federalism, as called for in the U.S. Constitution’s Tenth Amendment. “Federalism works,” Price insists. “It is in decline today only because of the appetite and ambition of the federal government.”

If you’d like to see power returned to states and local communities, download our Federalism in Action Toolkit. You’ll find all the ideas and resources needed to make a real impact. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

FOR FUN: Paczki Day 2015 Paczki
You have doubtless heard of the Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans. Less well-known are the Fat Tuesday festivities held in America’s Polish enclaves. On Tuesday, Hamtramck, Michigan will hold its annual Paczki Day Parade, named after a doughnut-like pastry traditionally consumed prior to Lenten fasting. Every year, long early morning lines form outside Hamtramck’s bakeries. For those worried about calories, the city will hold a 5K Paczki Run this Saturday.

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