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Happy Halloween! Before you head out for a night full of festivities, be sure to check out this week’s installment of Federalism in Action’s Top 3 Local blog series. If this is your first time visiting, here’s how it works: every Friday we collect the top 3 stories that exemplify local people making local decisions across the country. We give you the best examples of “Federalism in Action,” so you won’t ever miss a thing.

You can read this week’s Top 3 Local stories below, and you can click here to read last week’s post. Do you have a story to include in the next edition? E-mail us at

FOR MOTIVATION: Who Should Control the West?

This week, U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich from New Mexico penned an op-ed that appeared in The New York Times making the case that the residents of our Western states should not regain control their own land. Instead, he argued that the federal government should maintain control of the public lands west of Colorado. Carl Graham and Paul Gessing did not waste any time responding and making the case for local control. You can read their full response HERE.

FOR INSPIRATION: Common Core’s Outlook Much Different

As we’ve discussed a number of times before, Common Core has faced a series of setbacks over the last year due to parents and teachers fighting for local control of education. This summer, local opposition movements have halted portions or even all of the standards in some states. Real Clear Politics put together an interactive map that shows how Common Core is faring in the states. As RCP reports, “Common Core couldn’t catch a break this summer.”

FOR FUN: Local Traditions for Halloween

It’s Halloween, which means kids and adults are having a difficult time sitting quietly at their desks today. If your sugar high wears off early, check out some of these fun local festivities happening across the country tonight. Portland, Oregon, is boasting a haunted house, corn maze, zombie-inspired paintball games, and parties galore. A town in Wisconsin is hosting a neighborhood Halloween parade for children. For those preparing for a cold, wet forecast this evening, Eastern Tennessee has even come up with some indoor festivities to entertain kids.

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