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FOR MOTIVATION: Federal Regulations Cost the U.S. Economy $2 Trillion Per Year

A recent study points out a distinct inefficiency of the U.S. economy: federal regulations. Titled “The Cost of Federal Regulation to the U.S. Economy, Manufacturing, and Small Business,” the study reveals that 90% of the American manufacturers surveyed view regulatory compliance as a “top business challenge.” This challenge translates into a more than 10% drag on GDP and an average of $10,000 spent on each employee to ensure compliance.

FOR INSPIRATION: Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Sues the Federal Government Over Common Core 

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal sued the Department of Education for using a $4.3 billion grant to coerce states with financial difficulties to adopt the Common Core Standards. Bobby Jindal’s case will be critical to preventing the federal government from nationalizing state education.

FOR FUN: Local Residents Gather for Aviation Festival

In Wesley Chapel, Florida residents gathered to celebrate local aviators at the second annual Festival of Flight last weekend. The three-day event allowed families to view and ride unique aerial vehicles: hot air balloons, helicopters, biplanes, and gyroplanes. In anticipation of next year’s event, the organizers hope to attract more participants and display more vehicles by collaborating with the local tourism board.

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