Obamacare Website Gets a Second Opinion, after Andreas Vesalius

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FOR MOTIVATION: Obamacare Still a Mess

This week, the DC Circuit, in Halbig v. Burwell, and the Fourth Circuit, in King v. Burwell, offered contradictory rulings on a case that disputed the legality of federal subsidies for individuals enrolled in the federal exchange. Read more here and here. The continued challenges to Obamacare show that the federal government’s continued attempts to use “cooperative federalism” to coerce states into enacting its policies through the carrot-and-stick approach are legally vulnerable and increasingly difficult to accomplish. The federal government should instead apply true federalism principles by giving autonomy and control in healthcare back to the states to best serve their residents.

FOR INSPIRATION: Westerners Support Local Control

According to the Reason Foundation, a new poll of six Western states, shows growing support for state management of conservation of the sage grouse instead of federal control. Reason’s Brian Seasholes discusses the effective conservation practices in place to protect and preserve the sage grouse. “Listing [the Sage Grouse under the Endangered Species Act] would alienate private landowners, who are crucial to implementing conservation efforts, and undercut states’ increasingly successful conservation programs.”

FOR FUN: Check out Your Local State or County Fair

Summer is the perfect time to stay local and enjoy all that your community has to offer. It’s also a popular time for state and county fairs across the country. Nothing quite puts the local community on display like the fair, whether it’s the handmade crafts for sale, the livestock on display, or the wide assortment of local culinary fare. Check out this fun article for 26 things to look at when you head down to the fair.

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