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FOR  MOTIVATION: Federal Failure to Protect Endangered Species 

According to a recent op-ed from Carl Graham, Coalition for Self-Government in the West, and Brian Seasholes, Reason Foundation, the Endangered Species Act (ESA) is wreaking havoc on the very species the Act should protect. According to Graham and Seasholes, the ESA is about to list the sage grouse, a large bird found in Western states, as a protected species. This would allow the federal government to usurp local control and would harm current efforts already in place to protect the bird and surrounding wildlife. As the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources lamented, “It would all but do away with any of the conservation that is in place.”

FOR EXTRA MOTIVATION: Federal Subsidies on the Rise

According to the Cato Institute, the number of federal subsidy programs has increased dramatically since President Lyndon Johnson. In 1970, there were 1,019 programs, and today, there are 2,282 programs. The increase in federal subsidy programs is making the average American more and more dependent on the federal government. As Cato’s Chris Edwards remarks, “Individuals, businesses, and nonprofit groups that become hooked on subsidies essentially become tools of the state. They have less incentive to innovate…”

FOR FUN: The Motor City is Driving Entrepreneurship

Detroit’s financial troubles are no secret. After being the largest city to declare bankruptcy in US history, there is reason for hope in Detroit today. The situation is starting to look brighter for the Motor City as entrepreneurial and community-based efforts are helping to rebuild Detroit. Click here to read a full article from State Budget Solutions that highlights the many individuals and organizations who are helping the city to rise again.

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