32166 Albemarle County School Bus Road-e-oIt’s the end to another week, and which means it’s time to celebrate a new round of exciting federalism developments that occurred nationwide! If you’re new to our site, every Friday we highlight the 3 top stories highlighting local people making local decisions. We find the best example of “Federalism in Action,” so you can stay informed.

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FOR MOTIVATION: Indiana faces wrath of Feds for making state-based decisions
Indiana recently dropped out of Common Core after learning how it would disrupt local decision-making and control. Unfortunately, the federal government isn’t letting them off the hook that easily. Late last week, the U.S. Department of Education sent a threatening letter to the Hoosier State. The feds warned that if Indiana continued its exit strategy out of Common Core, they would revoke the state’s waiver from the No Child Left Behind Act.

FOR INSPIRATION: “The only solution big enough”
Did you know that the federal government owned nearly 90 percent of land east of Colorado at one point? We’ve discussed the federal lands issue on our site, but sometimes it’s helpful to “see” the problem. Here’s an informative infographic from our friends at the American Lands Council that shows the problem with federal land management today and throughout history. Check it out to learn how much of your state’s land the federal government controls.

FOR FUN: Spring Harvest 

The dawn of the much-anticipated spring weather also means that farmers markets are back in business. Communities love supporting local farmers and taking advantage of the freshness of eating locally. The arrival of farmers markets has garnered media attention nationwide. Check out a few stories highlighting these fun local traditions in Maryland, Plano, Sacramento, Sioux City, and St. Helena.

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