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FOR MOTIVATION: Feds Renege on Medicaid Promise

Obamacare expansion continues to cause problems for states expanding Medicaid, including a growing backlog of new applications. Don’t worry, the federal government has a solution! In order to coerce states to eliminate backlog issues, outgoing HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius proposed reducing current federal funding of Medicaid for those states that don’t comply. Less than one year into expansion, Washington is already threatening to renege on its funding promise. The Foundation for Government Accountability has more here.

FOR INSPIRATION: NC Pushes Back Against Common Core

With the allure of federal funds, states rushed to adopt Common Core Standards before they fully understood what the standards would entail. Now many states are taking a step back and considering measures to pause implementation or even drop out of Common Core. Indiana took action this spring, and several states are following suit. North Carolina became the latest state to consider a move to opt out of the Common Core standards, as lawmakers are debating it on the floor this week.

FOR FUN: Cycle the States

Spring weather is officially here! After a long, brutal winter, Americans nationwide are ready to get outside and start moving. Outdoor activities take “going local” to a different level, as states and communities utilize the natural resources in their backyards. Does your community boast a unique option for outdoor recreation? Here’s one example: check out this state-by-state map of mountain biking trails across the nation. 

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