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This week, we take another look at the top local stories happening around the nation that best exemplify federalism in action. If you’re new here, we collect the weekly top 3 stories that best show local people making local decisions, and today, we are showcasing some great local stories. Find the highlights below and click here to read last week’s post.

FOR INSPIRATION: Utah Senate and House Pass Federalism Education Measure

Yesterday in Utah, the House and Senate passed Rep. Ken Ivory’s federalism education bill that now will to the Governor’s desk for final approval. This bill would require all state and local government attorneys to undergo continuing education on federalism every two years. Rep. Ken Ivory, a leading advocate for federalism, argued on the floor, “We need to make sure our lawyers know what the rights, powers and authorities of a state are.”

FOR MOTIVATION: The EPA’s power keeps on growing

Congress’s recently proposed Chemicals in Commerce Act threatens to increase the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) regulatory authority of toxic chemicals within state borders. A bipartisan group of state legislators opposes the effort on the grounds that it “would essentially eliminate state policymakers’ ability to regulate toxic chemicals at the state level by divesting all authority away from states and localities and placing this authority solely with the Administrator of the EPA.”

FOR FUN: Keeping it Weird

Let’s be honest, we are all a little bit weird. And as it turns out, so are our states. Huffington Post highlighted the number one weirdest fact from each of the 50 states, and you can check out the full list here. Ohio’s strange fact actually highlights the federal government’s ineptitude. Despite claiming statehood as early as 1803, the federal government failed to officially recognize Ohio as a state until 1953 due to a technicality. For laughs, check out Kansas; sometimes stereotypes really are true.

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