Are you curious to know how local people put “federalism into action” this week? Well, we’ve got you covered! Federalism in Action collects the top 3 stories that best show local people making local decisions, and we have some great stories to share this week. Find the highlights below and click here to read last week’s post.

FOR INSPIRATION: Rep. Grande Is Our Federalism All Star

Congratulations to our most recent Federalism All Star, Rep. Bette Grande from North Dakota. In office for 18 years, Rep. Grande works hard to promote local control and decision-making. Her efforts have made a difference both in her home state and across the country. She is particularly concerned about the EPA’s overreach in the energy-rich state of North Dakota and is fighting tirelessly for state control over energy production. To learn more about all of our Federalism All Stars and their courageous efforts nationwide, click here.

FOR MOTIVATION: The Feds’ Control Costs Local Communities Millions

This week, the National Park Service and Department of the Interior revealed that the federal government shutdown and subsequent closures of national parks cost local communities over $400 million. Even worse, states that appealed to the federal government to allow them use of state funds in order to keep parks open are still waiting reimbursement from the Department of Interior. Secretary Jewell has yet to indicate that the money is on its way. The federal government has shown again that states cannot rely on them to keep their funding promises.

FOR FUN: Mad Giving in March

It’s that time of the year again. March Madness is less than two weeks away, and whether or not you’re a basketball fan, it’s hard to beat the fun of filling out a bracket. Two Indianapolis residents took the concept of March Madness brackets and turned it into a competition to raise money and awareness for local charities. Appropriately named Brackets for Good, the charity contest allow similarly sized charities in their local community to compete directly with one another. Each round winner earns a prize with $10,000 for the champion. This is a great example of local people working together to make a difference in their communities.

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