It’s been a big week for local people making and promoting local decisions, and Federalism in Action has you covered. Every Friday, we share 3 highlights from across the web that best exemplify local people making local decisions. Find this week’s top stories below and click here to read last week’s post.

FOR INSPIRATION: States Can Be Prepared for Federal Funding Crises

According to recent analysis, state governments combined rely on the feds for nearly one-third of their general revenue. Given Washington’s budget woes, this is unsustainable. However, states can prepare for likely reductions by considering the policy of Financial Ready Utah, which prepares for fiscal uncertainty and empowers state lawmakers to act and prioritize budgetary needs. To learn more about how state lawmakers can act to prepare for federal funding crises, click here.

FOR MOTIVATION: Feds Raising Cost of Doing Business in Indiana

Last year, the state of Indiana advanced federalism to a new level with the creation of the Office of State Based Initiatives (OSBI). OSBI aims to understand better how the federal government impacts the Hoosier State. They recently released a report highlighting the numerous ways federal overreach increases the cost of doing business. However, OSBI did not stop there; they also recommend proven solutions and measures that can be taken to restore balance between the federal government and Indiana.

FOR FUN: What is the Most Beloved (Hated) Band in Your State?

If you ever drive cross-country, you probably notice that the local radio station genres and songs change across state lines. This week, Echo Nest highlighted these differences by compiling a list of the most popular bands by state. For extra fun, another blogger put together the list of the most hated bands by state. Music preferences across the 50 states exemplify local people making local decisions, and in this case, deciding which tunes should go on the iPod.

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