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FOR FUN (sort of): Craft Breweries Booming But Stalled

The craft brewery industry is booming; new breweries are popping up in communities all over America, boosting local economies and often giving new life to “transitional” neighborhoods. However, for the time being, beer drinkers will have no new brew options as a result of the federal government shutdown.

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau will hold applications for new breweries, labels and recipes until the federal government shutdown ends. The delay could have lasting financial ramifications for craft breweries trying to launch new products and open new locations. One brewing company executive lamented, “It is frustrating the government can’t do its job. Doing what they’re doing now is unprecedented.”

FOR INSPIRATION: Local People Working to Save Their Forests

In Washington State, the federal government wants to grab more land on the Olympic Peninsula, but local citizens are working to stop that from happening. Last week, Washington residents met to discuss the issue and solutions for preventing the “federal land grab.” They believe the the devastating impacts of federal land management on the environment and precious natural resources that they have already witnessed will only worsen with expanded federal ownership.

WHY IT MATTERS: States are the Ones Paying for Federal Government Shutdown

The effects of the federal government shutdown can be seen around the country, but one region of the country has fared worst of all: the West. The federal government owns over 50 percent of the land in states west of Colorado, and the shutdown has devastated local economies because national parks are closed, hunting land is restricted and many private businesses cannot fully operate.

This week, Obama administration indicated it will allow states to reopen some of the parks, with one caveat: states must use their own funds with no promise of repayment. The federal government has states under lock and key, and until states regain control of their own land, such predicaments will only continue.

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