For a great primer on the importance of the concept of federalism to our freedom and liberty, read this article by Congressman Rob Bishop (Utah) published by the Institute for Policy Innovation:

Inside the House chamber in Washington D.C., the upper wall is surrounded by the cameos of all the world’s great lawgivers. Moses, as the greatest lawgiver, is the only one with a full face. The others are all side views. The only Americans included are Thomas Jefferson and George Mason, and, ironically, neither signed the Constitution. Mason was actually one of three men who stayed for the entire Constitutional Convention and then refused his assent to the finished product. When I taught high school, I insisted my kids know why Mason refused to sign. He objected to the document because it did not contain a Bill of Rights. I always hoped, in vain, that some bright student would ask the more pertinent question. The better question would have been not why Mason refused to sign, but why such patriots as Washington, Franklin, Hamilton, Madison, Dickinson, Wilson, etc., objected to Mason’s request?

The Founding Fathers were certainly not opposed to Mason’s goal of protecting individual liberty. They wanted the exact same goal, but had different ideas of how to best achieve that goal. A little context may help understand the Founder’s views on this matter.

Read the entire article here.

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